Shower Valve:  Who doesn’t love the comfort of a hot shower after a long day at work or tough work out with the team. The shower in a comfortable home is so refreshing you really can jeopardize the proper functions of the Shower Valve. Without proper water control you have no shower. If you cannot operate the water on and off properly you can hurt yourself. If you cannot properly control hot and cold shut off in the shower you can scold yourself or other family members. Think of the children in the home, seniors at home. Being able to shut your water off is so important I cannot stress it enough. The shower valve is an appliance that is constantly upgraded and redesigned. It is vital to have a plumber that is well versed in technology and new shower valve models. Many manufacturers change designs and models of shower valves regularly. Rebuilding an existing shower valve may seem like a good idea, and most cases is fine, but things change annually. Many shower valves are put in during the construction of the house and get very little attention thereafter.


Although changing the shower stem and seats seems like a great idea that’s cost effective; why not consider a new installation to upgrade the unit and provide up to date solutions for your home. Consider installing a new single handle Moen shower valve with changeable valve cartridges that are inexpensive and easy to reinstall. PHLA is well versed in these installations and will help you upgrade your system. Why rebuild a unit an get a few more months of function when you can get 5-10 years out of a fresh new installation.


Bath Tub: The bathroom is truly one of the most unique rooms in the modern home. When looking for a bath tub it is important to have the proper dimensions for your unique home. Tubs come in many styles. These unique specifications will determine how the walls of the bathroom are formed. Some bathtubs, stand alone, separate from the wall as its own appliance. Most common models are installed beneath the wall, and have a lever of drywall or tile overlapping the edge of the tub. Bath tub installation can be considered a remodel.

When installing a new tub, you really have no choice but to remove the drywall and open the walls to expose the wooden studs, 2x4s. There are also models they include the full shower wall. PHLA provides Thirty Dollar Diagnostic Service Calls to Assist in Measuring Your bathroom for proper installation. With this we will guide you through the construction of your full shower and bath assembly.



In the bathroom you pretty much have:

  • Toilet
  • Tub or Shower
  • Bathroom Sink
  • Shower Valve

If any problems arise it’s probably gonna be from one of these three fixtures normally there could be a clogged drain in either one of these 3 items, most of the time when people flush down excessive items like paper towels down the toilet or hair constantly washing down the shower is the cause of the back up .

There could also be situations where new fixtures will need to be installed like toilets, sinks, even enclosures for showers and tubs. There can be new installations of shower valves and bathroom sink faucets. Sometimes you may even need to fix the inside of the toilet, who knows . What ever the problem you are having , just give us a call and we will figure out the problem so that you can rest easy knowing that you can go to the bathroom in peace and take a shower with hot water and have a great quality of life.

Whatever the case may be, once again call us for any questions or concerns you may have. Call us to come schedule the estimate if you need service or just fill out the form to the right –>

Or if you have new construction, like for instance you’re adding an additional dwelling unit and you want to install a new bathroom and kitchen completely, we will be happy to help you. We can be your plumber that will take care of you and do an excellent job we specialize in copper re piping. From start to finish we can take care of everything that involves water and gas.


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