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Today we went to a construction site and noticed that there was a busted pipe leaking water, we did a leak test, water was everywhere. If we hadn’t caught that busted pipe in the new construction there could have been thousands on dollars in water damage.copper repipe specialists

So we got out our copper pipe, our elbows, couplings, and  along with our soldering supplies and got started in repairing the leak. Copper pipe is what used to bring water into the house, we use copper pipe so that the metal from galvanized pipes doesn’t get into the water that we drink and use for cleaning and showering and washing our dishes. Galvanized pipe gets corroded over time so that’s why copper is preferred for bringing water into the house.

So after repairing the pipe in a very very tight space using a soldering torch, solder, and flux we did a leak test and there was no leak. When soldering with gas and solder its a very skilled procedure takes a lot of experience.

Many novice plumbers make a lot of mistakes working with a soldering torch, things can happen like burning down the house burning wood in insulation.

Copper Repipe Specialists

You want somebody doing your plumbing that knows what they’re doing so that big accidents do not happen. Because of this, we take all the precautions in the world to make sure nothing gets damaged from the time we start construction on a new building.

We will outline all the ways we can be safe without causing further damage to your home or your building from putting paper and plastic on the floor, to putting down card board to make sure the solder doesn’t stain the new flooring you could have just recently put down in you home.

Copper Repipe Cost

We’re constantly looking for ways that we can get the job done in as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We copper pipe in a house a lot especially when we’re dealing with new construction.

We use copper piping for all of the water coming into the house and we use ABS 3 inch piping for the waist. Or the all the waist going out of the house call us if you need a plumber that can take nothing and give your house water we specialize in water heater.

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