Inglewood Plumber

PHLA started out in Inglewood this is our original home, we grew up in Inglewood going to Inglewood high school and now were even apart of the Inglewood chamber of commerce. Morning side high school all the way to La Tiera Middle School every aspect of Inglewood we are very familiar.

Our First job was working at the water treatment plant at Rogers Park . We specialize in takein gcare of all the homeowners and renters in the area around hyde park and centinela from la lienega to florence. We have solved the problems of  many homeowners in this area in fact we have a business int eh zip code of 90302 , and 90305 and we live 502 south la brea inglewood ca 90301. at Trust from start to finish you want someone who actually cares about fixing your plumbing situation so that you can have clean water and no problems at all.

We have been Inglewood plumbers for a little over 7 years now, and not one unhappy customer do we have. The reason is is because we started out working with all of the plumbing companies that serve Inglewood like roto rooter and mike diamond etc the list goes on and on.

After working with these other companies and learning how they do business we made an effort to business better. Better in that we will offer a higher quality of service at an affordable rate. We love what we do so at the end of the day our main goal is to show you our good work.

Hopefully by you getting great service you then can recommend us to your friends. This is our marketing plan, just do great work and the people will spread our name PHLA to their friends and family.

We also have an affinity to the members of the Inglewood community since we are a black owned and operated business and we want to make sure we do right by the Inglewood community, aside from the money.

So give us a call when considering your next plumbing job, we do everything from drain cleaning to new installations of bathrooms and kitchens with water heaters.