Tankless Water Heater:

When choosing the proper tankless water heater for your home it is essential to first identify the number of bathrooms in the home as well as the total number of gas appliances in the home. This count will help you establish the number of gallons used per minute and the total number of BTUs being demanded by all gas appliances.

Typically for a two-bathroom home with a furnace and oven you would want to start at 190,000 BTUs at 8 GPM. Some of our favorite brands of Tankless Water Heaters include: Takagi, Navien, American Standard, Rinnai, and Noritz.







For Tankless Water Heaters these filters are absolutely essential. Without a filter you will cause damage to any tankless water heater. Common signs of failure are leaking within the unit; caused by damaged burner.

Also, error codes are very important, and can be referenced at the manufacturers’ website. Be sure to reference your water heaters manufacturer’s website for information on error codes and technical support. Contact PHLA for a thirty-dollar diagnostic visit. PHLA can conduct diagnostics and make contact with your manufacturer’s technical support for you.

We will walk through the diagnostic check with tech support and make any recommendations for a permanent solution to your water heater problems.

PHLA Tankless Water Heater Specialists are here to ensure your water heater is installed according to state specifications and are installed with all necessary safety features.

Safety feature of the Tankless installation include: Isolation Valves, Thermal Expansion Tank, Water shut off valves, Temperature Pressure Relief Valves, and Water Filters. Our objective is to provide professional installations according to state code standards, that include all necessary safety features.

These professional installations ensure the long-life span of the heater and the safety of your family and home.

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Water Heater Filter: Preserve the life of your water heaters and ensure the comfort of your home by equipping your water heater with its own direct water filtration. Heater Treater water filters act as a barrier between your water heater and the high levels of calcium and mineral deposits found in our city’s water supply. 




Very similar to full house water heaters, these small filtration systems remove mineral deposits and reduce calcium flowing directly into your water heater. Failure to prevent these mineral deposits from entering your heater can severely reduce the quality and life span of any water heater. 

Links: https://falskenwatersystems.com/product-category/the-heater-treater/

Water heaters with high levels of mineral deposits entering the system are prone to leaks and corrosion inside the tanks and burners. This will inevitably lead to leaks and serious water heater failure. Which can cause severe damage to the heater itself and ultimately the home.

Plumbing And Heating Los Angeles are water heater specialists. Installation and Maintenance of water heaters are some of our most essential services provided to home owners in Los Angeles County. Some or most favored brands of water heaters are: American Standard, Rinnai, Rheem, and Bradford White.

Our objectives as water heater specialists are to ensure your water heaters are installed according to state plumbing code specifications. UPC regulations are followed with critical detail, and we ensure that all requirements are met.

Required features of the water heater installation are absolutely important to passing inspection and more importantly ensure the safety of your family and home.

These required features include earthquake straps, spill pans, Temperature pressure relief valves, water shut off valves, thermal expansion tanks, venting, water filters, and proper copper piping to and from the unit. Our estimates for the installation of your water heater will include many of these required parts.

Bids written for installations include the costs of these essential parts and are mandatory in most cases.

It is very important to remember costs for installing a water heater extend well beyond just the cost of the heater unit. Our objectives for each individual client are to check UPC requirements for your city, and make sure your installation is tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Water Heater Maintenance is another very important aspect of our business services here at PHLA. Maintenance services include: Lighting Pilots, Flushing the tank, cleaning the vent piping, thermal couple replacements, and Gas control valve replacements.

These maintenance services can provide more affordable resolutions for malfunctioning water heaters.






There is an available circulation pump option, that also allows for instant hot water delivery throughout your home. We are an authorized installer for the brand names; Rinnai, Navien, Rheem, Noritz, and Takagi. We are very experienced in tankless water heater installations, as this is a daily routine for us. Tank to tankless water heater retrofit takes 6 to 8 hours.