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Emergency Plumber Los Angeles

Plumbing and Heating Los Angeles, is here for you in the case you need an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, and water is leaking everywhere, or if you just need basic plumbing services like garbage disposal or water heater installations were here for you and we will be there just give us a call at 323-984-3475.

We usually get a call when there's water everywhere, and you need someone who can show up at a moment's notice and rectify the problem. NO matter what the case the problem can be resolved usually by cutting the water off to the house

How do I cut the water off to the house?

Well in most cases there will always be a shut off right in front of the house which is usually right next to the water hose, that shut off should be a valve where you can just turn the lever and shut the water off completely to the house, after that you have another problem , because with no water you cannot take showers, or use water in the kitchen for cooking or even use the bathroom. This is an emergency, call us. We specialize in emergency plumbing in Los Angeles, and we will get your family's water back on so that you can go about your normal daily life.

If you waste time trying different plumbers trying to find the best price, you might end up going days without water, many major plumbing companies will have their plumbing technicians so busy they will not be able to get to you until the next day.

24 hour Emergency Plumber Los Angeles

This is why we consider ourselves the emergency plumbers in Los Angeles that are the quality plumbers that you can count on. You need a plumber who is going to get to you in a timely manner understanding the significance of the timeand get the job done correctly the first time.

We explain to you every detail about what to expect and what we are doing, and last but not least, we don't overcharge you. Although we have been in the business for quite some time, we don't have the brand name that many big plumbing companies have so we can offer more competitive rates, with the same quality service, because before starting our own plumbing company we actually have plumbers that worked at all the major plumbing companies in Los Angeles like Mike Diamond, AdeeDoo, and Roto Rooter. So you'll be getting the same quality of work without having to pay the same price.

We have years of experience, excellent customer service, and a meticulous mindset where we get the job done right the 1st time and follow up with every customer to make sure their needs are satisfied.

We prioritize offering high quality plumbing services at affordable rates. Oftentimes doing things in a hurry doesn’t get things done correctly. We stand by our quality, our number one priority is you, the customer, this is what has kept us in business throughout the years. So that the next time you or anyone you know is looking for a plumber in Los Angeles, you will look no further than Plumbing and Heating Los Angeles and give us a call.
(323) 984-3475

How Does This Process Work?

Well you can start by filling out the form above, one of our plumbing technicians will give you a call, and schedule an appointment for an estimate. strong>*** Note for all estimates there is a< $30.00 dispatch fee.***. Our Plumber's labor fee is $200 per hour, so it strongly depends on the job.

For the right professional, good work isn't cheap and cheap work usually isn't good. We have licensed plumbers ready to take care of your plumbing emergency, new construction or maybe you just want to upgrade your water heating equipment to a tankless water heater. Whatever the case save time and money and get a solid plumber that knows what they are doing and don't worry about the headache that having a plumbing emergency can bring.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help?

Yes you can, one of the best things you can do is take a picture of the problem and send it to (323) 984-3475 with a description of the problem, and be available for a call back. Normally a credit card is required to initiate a deposit for parts. Cash is accepted as well. Also if you end up doing business with our company we will hake the fee out of the total cost of the plumbing service rendered.

Emergency Plumber in South Los Angeles

In an emergency and in need of a plumber in the Los Angeles area, well look no further than PHLA, we will be there as soon as possible to put your family’s mind at ease.

We understand the damage that a leaky pipe can cause or the expensive damage of a clogged drain, not to mention the fact that people will need the water for daily life like taking showers, baths, using the bathroom, and even washing dishes.

It’s always better to be on top of every little thing in regards to plumbing, do not let any little drip slide , just give us a call and we will be there for you to resolve the problem, just give us a call no matter how big or small you think the problem is, because if you wait you could regret it and find yourself in need of an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, County.

24 hour Emergency Plumber near me Los Angeles

PHLA ( plumbing and heating los angeles ) is here for you 7 days a week 24 hours a day when you are in need of an emergency plumber that is experienced with a great reputation of offering high quality plumbing in the Inglewood, Los Angeles, and greater South Bay areas of Los Angeles County for over 10 years now.

We appreciate your business, we know you can choose any plumber in the South Central Los Angeles area. We take pride in keeping a great reputation so we have sure to offer high quality plumbing everytime all the time.

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